Reed Mattison is a photojournalist from Bowling Green, Kentucky. He earned his bachelor’s degree in photojournalism from Western Kentucky University. Reed grew up in Southern Kentucky spending his childhood outdoors in the Land Between the Lakes area. 

He spent his college summers teaching at a boy's camp in Henderson County, North Carolina in the heart of Appalachia. The socioeconomic and racial diversity of the South combined with his passion for the outdoors has a heavy influence on his work. Reed aims to build class consciousness, as well as highlight the relationship people have with the natural world through photojournalism. 

He previously worked for the Jackson Hole News&Gudie as a photojournalist where he made strong connections to the community before becoming a freelance photographer. He still lives in Jackson, Wyoming documenting local housing, labor, and environmental topics.

When he isn't making photographs with his community Reed works at a local art gallery and is a farmhand.  




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