Depending on Ev

How a father navigates single-parenting and how he finds support from his son in ways he never imagined.

Keith and Everett Thompson watch television on Sunday morning. The two skipped church so Everett could recover from a fever.

Keith gets home from work most days around 4 p.m. then picks Everett up from daycare before 4:30 or else he is charged by the minute. The two make their weekly trip to Kroger where Everett gets to pick out his favorite granola bar.

Some days are exhausting at work, Keith said. After picking up Everett and running errands, he doesn’t have the energy to cook. The two love Mex-Out. Their affinity for the local taco joint came from when Everett was a newborn and they lived in the apartment complex behind the restaurant. 

Everett cries because he has lost the granola bar they’ve just bought at Kroger. 

Transitioning from a full workday to a full evening taking care of Everett doesn’t leave time for chores. Keith finally gets around to folding laundry that’s been clean for several days. 

When Keith or Everett get sick, it’s just them, Keith said. The two in their rough shape laze on the couch as they try to recover from colds. “Whenever I have a bad day, he knows how to help,” Keith said. 

At 8:00 a.m. Keith drops Everett off at Peanut House Childcare. One of Everett’s favorite teachers left. A different environment at daycare makes goodbyes more difficult lately, Keith said. 

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